ConSensor 2.0
Measurement of concrete strength with maturity method

CONSENSOR measures the concrete temperature, the maturity the conductivity, and the strength where we want and when we want.
* Fully automated
* Data transmission via Internet and mobile phone
* Prepare a project via the internet
* Place the data box on the concrete formwork and turn it on
* Fix the sensor inside the formwork and insert the plug into the data box. This send the measured data to the server via the built – in GSM
* The server processes the data and calculates the concrete, temperature, the maturity the conductivity, and the strength.
* Measured data available always and everywhere via internet.

* Are my project data safe?
Yes, the secure server is only accessible with a username and password. Your data are stored in several computer centers for optimum security, and they are permanently backed up.

* Can measurements be taken at any depth in the concrete?

Yes, measurements can be taken at any depth.

* Can I connect several sensors to one Data Box?

To prevent the disadvantages and risks of long flexes on the building site, one sensor can be connected per Data Box. But thanks to the relatively favorable pricing this is not a problem.

* How is the strength determined?

The strength is determined in accordance with the official weighted maturity method. In addition it is possible to work with the onductivity. This method will probably be used a lot in the future.