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ტექნიკური მონაცემები


Integral crystalline, cement based waterproofing mortar applicable on either positive or negative side.

Usage Areas

Underground concrete elements like foundations, retaining walls, basement walls.


  • 25 kg multi-ply paper bag


Penetrates deeply and seals concrete’s capillary tracts and shrinkage cracks (up to 0.4 mm.) thank to crystals it forms. Can be applied from either the positive or negative side by masonry brush or appropriate power spray equipment. Completely effective against high hydrostatic pressure. Easy to apply, labor-cost effective. Does not require protection during backfilling, placement of steel or wire mesh, and other common procedures. Can be applied to moist or green concrete. Protects embedded steel (reinforcing steel and wire mesh). Approved to be used in contact with potable water tanks.

Technical Properties

(at 23 °C and 50% RH)

General Data

Appearance: Grey Powder

Shelf Life : 12 months when stored in the original sealed packaging

Application Data

Application Temperature :(+5°C) - (+35°C)

Mixing Ratio :

7 - 7.5 litres water/25 kg powder (for roller application)

12 - 12.5 litres water/25 kg powder (power spray application)

Pot Life : 40 minutes

Consumption : 2 kg/m² for 2 coats

Waiting Time Between the Coats : 3 - 6 hours

Time to Waterproof : 7 days

Performance Data

Density (EN 1015-6) : 2100±100 kg/m3

Impermeability to Water : 7 bar

(Negative and positive side) Adhesion Strength (EN 1542) :

≥1.00 N/mm2

Adhesion Strength After Cycling Without De-icing Salts Impact (EN 13687-3/ EN 1542) : ≥1.00 N/mm2

Adhesion Strength After Heat Ageing (EN 1062-11/EN 1542) :

≥1.00 N/mm2

Permeability to Water-Vapour (EN ISO 7783-2) : Class I ; Sd <5

(Sd: Equivalent air thickness)

Capillary Water Absorption (EN ISO 1062-3) : < 0.1 kg/m²h0.5

Dangerous Substances : See SDS.

Reaction to Fire : A1