Nanoment® HP 696

High-Range Water Reducing / Superplasticizing Chemical Admixture for Concrete
ტექნიკური მონაცემები

Product Definition
Nanoment HP 696 is a polycarboxylate based, high-range water reducer / superplasticizer type of
chemical admixture for concrete. Nanoment HP 696 permits a high reduction in water content of
a given concrete compared to a reference concrete mixture without chemical admixture. Nanoment
HP 696 increases slump/flow of the mixture having the same amount of mixing water with the
reference non-plasticized concrete.

Recommended Dosage

The recommended dosage rate of Nanoment HP 696 for general concreting operations is between
0.8 % - 1.5 % of the weight of binding material (cement + mineral admixture). The maximum
water reduction property increases as the dosage increases. However, it should be considered that
the required dosage varies with the type and amount of cement and mineral admixtures, water to
binder ratio, properties of the other ingredients and the ambient temperature. Exceeding the
recommended or determined dosage may cause significant segregation and setting time increase.
In addition, the required dosage of Nanoment HP 696 to achieve a target performance will be
different for each concrete mixture. The appropriate dosage should be determined on trial batches
as it will not cause any segregation and/or undesirable side effects. It is known that there is a
significant effect of C3A and SO3 content and fineness of cement on the appropriate dosage of
Nanoment HP 696.

Technical Properties

Colour and formc Brown – Liquid
Chemical base Polycarboxylate
Density (kg/lt) 1.05 – 1.09 (at +20 oC)
Chloride ion content Max 0.1% - Chloride free acc. to EN 934-2
Alkali content Max. 5%
pH 3 – 7
Compatibility TS EN 934-2 Table 11.1 – 11.2