The FC Bond Mill was designed by F. C. Bond for use in determining the Bond Index, a measure of grindability and power required for grinding applications. The FC Bond Mills are used in laboratories throughout the world. A copy of Fred C. Bond's Method of Crushing and Grinding for determination of the Bond Index is included with each mill. This mill can be used to calculate the grindability of all ores.

This Bond Mill can be used continuously or it can be used for any number of revolutions, according to the type of grind desired. The grinding mill is located in a sound and dust proof cabinet for CE safety standards.

The cover of the mill is 10x30 cm wide and sides are isolated by dust proof material. The device is supplied with an emergency stop button and safety on/off switch.

The rotation speed can adjustable.

The standard default speed is 70 rpm. The balls are made of corrosion resistance steel.

This Bond Mill is complete with 22 lt capacity cylindrical tank, receiver and balls.