LT-A0085/86 Alkali-Silica Reaction Bath is used to keep 25x25x258 mm concrete samples in NaOH (sodium hydroxide) at a specified temperature. The temperature can be adjusted from ambient to 100 °C using a digital thermostat with 1 °C accuracy. 

Temperature can also be monitored by an external 1°C accuracy PT 100 sensor placed in the water. The bath is completely made of stainless steel and has glass cover. 

There are two models that chamber with a capacity of holding 36 samples and holding 2x36 samples. 

The chamber has a cover made of stainless steel. Samples are placed on a special rack made of polyamide where each sample stays independent from each other in a vertical position. The bath is also equipped with an electronic water level indicator which gives an alarm when the water level is lower than required.

The device is used to determine the potential alkali reactivity of cement-aggregate combinations (mortar-bar method). This mould is also used for determining the length change of hardened cement paste, mortar and concrete. 

Length Comparator, Analog or Digital Dial Gauge, Three Gang Prism Shrinkage Mould, Steel Inserts and Reference Rod should be ordered separately. 

By removing the special rack, Aggregate Reaction Bath can also be used as a general purpose water bath.