GROUT 50 Cement Based Grout Mortar

Cement Based Grout Mortar

It’s a cement based, polymer reinforced, highly fluid, non-shrinkable, high strength, self-propagating grout mortar..

Areas of Usage
*Mounting details of precast concrete constructions,
*Turbines, Pumps, compressor and generators in power plants,
*Filling between industrial machine and steel column
bases and mounting plate,
*It is used for head of curtain and column manufacturing.

Features of Product
*It’s only mixed with water, poured into mould and easy to apply.
*It has high compressive strength.
*It is non-shrink
*It is fluid.
*It provides strong adherence to concrete and reinforcement.
*It is highly impermeable.
*It is resistant to freeze-thaw cycle.

Mixture Ratios:
For 25 kg’ sack: 3,5-4 l water
For 1 kg powder product: 0,140-0,160 l water
Mixture density: 1,9-2,1 gr/ cm3