Monofilament Polypropylene Micro Fiber for Mortar and Concrete


NanoFiber is a short-cut monofilament polypropylene micro fiber for preventing plastic settlement cracks and plastic shrinkage cracks in concrete. NanoFiber is micro fiber with a dimeter of 18 μm and length of 6 mm and inhibits the formation and coalescence of micro cracks induced by load free reasons like shrinkage and plastic settlement.

NanoFiber is recommended for use in the applications and purposes below.
For reducing plastic shrinkage and plastic settlement cracks.
Large-surface area field concretes, slabs and covering concretes.
Industrial floors.
Water structures.
Precast concrete elements and façade panels.
Slabs and floors of agricultural structures.
Wet and dry system sprayed concretes.
For improving fire resistance of concrete and mortar.
Concrete elements subjected to impact loading like piling concretes.
Extruded cementitious materials.
Mortars and plasters for strengthening and repair purposes.
Advantages and Properties

Reduces the plastic shrinkage and plastic settlement crack formation risk in concrete.
Improves the cohesion of fresh mixture and reduces bleeding.
Reduces the number and density of cracks at the initial stages of crack formation.
Improves durability by reducing the permeability of concrete due to the reduced number of cracks.
Easily dispersed in cementitious matrix and presents good adhesion with concrete due to the special surface texture.
NanoFiber fully melts at the temperature levels at around 180 oC and completely destructed at around 350 oC.
The remaining voids after the fiber destruction acts as interconnected channels where the heated and expanded air could escape without inducing the internal stress causing spalling of concrete during fire. By this mechanism, NanoFiber improves the fire resistance of concrete.
Alternative to crack control mesh.
Improves impact and abrasion resistance of concrete.
Improves the flexural strength of slabs.
Prevents spalling due to freeze-thaw cycles.
NanoFiber is a micro fiber that is not seen on the surface of the concrete.
Corrosion free.