Lyksor® Micro Silica Silica Fume for Concrete, Shotcrete and Mortars

Silica Fume for Concrete, Shotcrete and Mortars

Product Definition
Lyksor® Micro Silica
is a mineral additive that can be used for normal and shotcrete that enhances
compressive strength, flextural strength, fracture mechanics and impermeability of the cement paste by
increasing its micro structure.
Lyksor® Micro Silica
is recommended for use in the applications and purposes below.
•  Aplicable at traditional and wet system shotcrete applications.
•  Aplicable at normal/lightweight, pumped/pumpless concrete production.
•  Aplicable at concretes with low cement dosage.
•  Favorable for production of high strength concrete.
•  Favorable at back fill grouting application performed behind TBM Segments