REMI-FROST (BV) Anti-freeze concrete and mortar admixture

Anti-freeze concrete and mortar admixture and setting accelerator

Primary Uses:
REMI-FROST is a liquid admixture for cold weather
concreting jobs. It is also used as a mortar admixture.

• Significant decrease of the freezing point of the
gauging water.
• Accelerates the hydration process, the setting and
hardening of cement.
•Increased early strength values of concrete or mortar.
•Increases the flowability of the fresh mix at the same
w/c ratio resp. allows the reduction of the w/c ratio
with the same slump.
• Usually, addition of other plasticizers or
superplasticizers not necessary
Dosage Range:

0.2 to 2.0 M-% by weight of cement.

We recommend the following guide-line values for the

dosage at different ambient temperatures:

Amb. temperature -5°  C -10°   C -15° C

Dos. in % of CEM  1.0 1.5      2.0